Standard Reconing

Whether you're in need of minor or major repairs the expert technicians at PMR are ready to revive your damaged speaker. We are equipped to handle everything from dust cap replacements to OEM restorations or even customized "hot rod" rebuilds. We're sure to offer the right reconing service for you! We also offer modifications such as improved power handling, altered response, edge treatments, and increased low end.

At PMR we stock thousands of voice coils, cone assemblies, dust caps, and associated loudspeaker components to cover most any restoration. Whenever possible we use American made OEM parts as opposed to aftermarket or import parts. We only make exceptions when preferred by the customer, dictated by the loudspeaker model, or when OEM components are no longer

Please contact us for specific pricing information and to verify that we have parts in stock for the specific speaker you are needing repaired. 

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