A pair of 12" AlNiCo frames in need of rebuilding arrived at our facility here in Ohio at the beginning of July. This particular frame was popular with Fender, Celestion, VOX, and Rola. We began by stripping the frames down and using a gauss meter to check the AlNiCo magnets and determined that the magnets were in good working order and matched in terms of strength. Our customers often claim that AlNiCo's have better tone with age and demagnetizing and remagnetizing will ruin this feature; as such we are proud to say that these AlNiCo's have benefited from age and the tone is very smooth.

Before replacing the soft parts we noticed that brass bolts are used to attach the magnet structure to the 12" frames. Brass tends to focus magnetic energy better than other metals and these bolts also improve the tone of the speaker. A new 1.75" aluminum voice coil former has been used in both speakers and acoustically transparent textile dust caps allow high frequencies to propagate directly from the voice coil. Other features include .050" tensile lead wire wove with cotton to improve durability. Rezon EX, a PMR product, has been used to treat the surrounds of both cones to reduce cone resonation and improve tone. Finally, a white pin strip had been added to improve the overall appearance of the speaker. 

Price: 179.99 + shipping and handling