Hempopotamus Recone

Whether you're looking to bring an old speaker back to life, repair a speaker that's been pushed to hard, or you just want the "authentic appearance" that we offer, a Hempopotamus recone is the way to go. At PMR we are proud to offer a wide variety of parts in order to build a speaker suited to your acoustic style. The Hempopotamus cone is manufactured in America and we source components that are made in the USA whenever possible.

We stock voice coils of most every size in both aluminum and kapton; our inventory of dust caps also includes real aluminum (not the Mylar knock-offs), pressed felt, or even the custom PMR vented model. Only high quality industrial adhesives are featured on our recones so you won't have to worry about an adhesive failure in the middle of a show.

Please contact us for pricing information. The price options below are approximate as some speakers are more difficult to recone. High-end parts (i.e. aluminum voice coils/dust caps) and over-sized voice coils may have an additional charge. The prices below assume that your voice coil is one to two inches in diameter.
$55* --  8"  Speaker
$64* -- 10" Speaker
$70* -- 12" Speaker
$88* -- 15" Speaker

*Prices do not reflect shipping, Ohio residents please add 6.25% sales tax

Scroll down to see some of our recone projects sent in by customers. With permission your speaker may appear here.