12 Inch PMR Model 30-PAAA 'Mean Green' - Priced Each
$129.00 (add $24.50 for s&h)

So, you're looking to replace an old E120, but you don't want to buy someone's beat-up 30 year old speaker? We don't blame you. Especially when you can get what is, in essence, a brand new E120 from us. The PMR Model 30-PAAA 'Mean Green' is the closest you can get to a brand new E120. Each 'Mean Green' is hand built in our Ohio facility using Genuine JBL Components. We use JBL cones, surrounds, spiders and caps. What does this mean to you? It means you get genuine JBL tonality. The Real Deal.

Since we couldn't resist the idea of building an equivalent to this famous unit, we used all brand new parts inside and out, and everything is American made, right down to the heavy-duty cast aluminum frame.

The best part? Since magnetic composition technology has progressed in the last three decades, we were able to select a magnetic composition and motor components to save weight, while at the same time retaining the same magnetic gap density, thus retaining original E120 performance. Using special anisotropic conditions, and working with technicians, we have refrained from using flatter sounding neodymium magnets, yet were still able to achieve this powerful magnetic force in a package that weighs just 11 pounds.

The 'Mean Green' will take 300 Watts RMS, with a frequency response from 40Hz to 5.5KHz. Impedance is a standard 8 Ohms, but we can supply 4 Ohm or 16 Ohm units upon request. The overall diameter is 12.25 Inches, with a mounting hole diameter of 11.25 Inches. Total mounting depth is just 5 Inches.

On top of that, since we are sure you will be completely satisfied with the 'Mean Green', we are offering our 'No-Gamble' 15-day return option, effective starting on the delivery date. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your speaker, we will take it back and give you a refund, less any customer damage. It doesn't matter whether you don't like the way it sounds, the way it looks, or even the way it smells, we will be happy to take the speaker back. With all of that, you have no reason not to give one a try.

Shipping and handling prices reflect shipment to the contiguous United States only. Customers in Alaska or Hawaii, as well as our international customers should contact us prior to ordering for shipping information.