8 Inch PMR Model 20-PKPS Fender Champ Clone - Priced Each
$59.95 (add $12.50 for s&h)

The renowned Fender Champ produces one of the greatest sounding, most sought after tonalities known to man, but what to do when you have a loudspeaker issue with your Champ? Well, we have an idea...

The PMR Model 20-PKPS Fender Champ Clone uses a genuine Fender paper cone assembly with one of our 'H
EMP-O' stamped steel frames and magnetic structures to provide you with an excellent replacement loudspeaker for your Fender Champ that is as authentic sounding as possible. An all paper voice coil former further ensures authentic tonality throughout.

Most important, the Model 20-PKPS has an impedance of 4 Ohms, so the it can easily handle 18 Watts RMS without burning up the output transformer in your tube amp. A frequency response from 85Hz to 8.5KHz, and an SPL of 97.5dB means that this loudspeaker belts out tonality that barks, bites, spits and absolutely screams just like the original.

Why spend more on an inferior imported speaker that uses hot-melt glue and recycled pulp, but doesn't proved the sound you need when you can get it all from the PMR Model 20-PKPS. Plus, we are so confident you will absolutely love this speaker that we are offering our 15-day 'No-Gamble' return option, effective starting on the delivery date. If you are not completely satisfied with your Model 20-PKPS, just return it for a refund, less any customer damage. It's just that simple. It doesn't matter whether you don't like the way it sounds, the way it looks, or even the way it smells, we will be happy to take the speaker back. Add that to our limited lifetime warranty, and you have no reason not to give one a try.

Shipping and handling prices reflect shipment to the contiguous United States only. Customers in Alaska or Hawaii, as well as our international customers should contact us prior to ordering for shipping information.