The Mighty Model 755

Model 755 Re-Cone Kit - Priced Each
$69.95 (add $9.50 for s&h)

If you have Model 755 Loudspeakers, you know that when they are operating properly, it truly is a beautiful thing. You may also know that when one blows, the cost of repair parts can go sky high, and repair services can creep into the hundreds.

If you are looking for a way to get your 755 Loudspeakers back into service, we may have just the thing you seek. The Model 755 Re-Cone Kit gives you everything you need to re-cone your speaker, and have it sounding as good as the day it was made. This kit fits both Altec-Lansing and Western Electric speakers, and includes the following parts:

1 (One) Original AL/WE One-Piece (dust cap molded into cone) ReZon-Ex Treated*                        Cone Assembly
1 (One) Voice Coil**
1 (One) Treated Textile/High-Compliance Spider Assembly - Cupped I.D.
1 (One) Pressed Paper Dust Cap/Lip Down
2 (Two) Woven Cotton Conductor Litz Wires
4 (Four) Pressed Chip/Natural 4/8 Hole Front Mounting Gaskets

As an added convenience, we have also included an extra pressed paper/lip-down over coil dust cap, in case you would prefer to re-build the speaker in a standard method. Or, you can use the one-piece cone/dust cap as the speaker was originally designed. 

The Model 755 Re-Cone Kit works great, and what's even better is that it is an OEM part, not an aftermarket unit. This OEM kit is truly the only way to preserve the performance and exceptional tonality of the Model 755.

If you feel comfortable re-coning your speakers yourself, you can really save big with this kit. Keep in mind that this is an intermediate skill level kit, which may require trimming/cutting for installation of components. So, if you would prefer to leave it to us, check out our re-coning services in the 'Recone' tab on the top of this page.

*This speaker cone has been treated with ReZon-Ex. Remember that 'never completely dry' shiny black, tacky coating from all of those great old speakers from the 50's, 60's, and 70's? Yeah, that stuff. ReZon-Ex provides several excellent features to the speaker:

1.) Prolongs the life of the surround.
2.) Increases the low-end response.
3.) Lowers fs (Free Air Resonance).
4.) Reduces any remaining cone edge resonances and tightens bass response.

 **Please specify desired voice coil impedance. We have 4 Ohm, 8 Ohm and 16 Ohm available. (Wide/Full-Range/Fine Windings)

Shipping and handling prices reflect shipment to the contiguous United States only. Customers in Alaska and Hawaii, as well as our international customers should contact us prior to ordering for shipping information.