12 Inch Cones

Exponential Cone Profile

This profile of this cone has been designed to be as versatile as possible as so that it will fit to as many famous manufacturer's frames as possible just by enlarging the voice coil's mating surface. Depth versatility is accomplished by a 1/4" neck extension 'shank' for deeper frames which is great for those vintage and antique loudspeakers that can be difficult to find cones for. We will center trim your cone to your application upon request; other treatments include neck dipping, heat treatment, ReZon-Ex surround coating, and response modifications available upon request. Of course, our "authentic appearance" comes standard! Click on the 1201 and 1202 below larger images.

                                 Model Number 1201                                                            Model Number 1202


Deep Curve-Linear Profile

The 1211 through 1216 models are well suited for those looking to extend the high frequencies of their speakers. This is accomplished when the cone is used in conjunction with a voice coil former that extends at least one inch past the base of the cone. Due to the special design of this cone the results are similar to that of a phase plug with an added bonus: the voice coil former moves with the cone whereas a phase plug remains stationary when the cone moves; this means that the cone distance relative to the phase plug is constantly changing. Our design results in a smoother sound, less distortion than phase plugs, and no gap for dust to enter the motor structure. Any sound modifications listed under the 1201 and 1202 may also be done to these cones and of course our "authentic appearance" comes standard! Click on the cones below for larger images.

                                 Model Number 1211                                                            Model Number 1212


                                 Model Number 1213                                                            Model Number 1214


                                 Model Number 1215                                                            Model Number 1216


Semi-Curved Linear Profile

                                 Model Number 1221                                                            Model Number 1222


                                 Model Number 1223                                                            Model Number 1224


                                  Model Number 1225

Straight Profile, Ribbed

                                 Model Number 1231

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