Welcome to Hempopotamus Loudspeakers; a special series of loudspeaker cones and loudspeakers by P.M.Reproductions (PMR), based out of West Salem, Ohio. 'HEMP-O' cones and loudspeaker assemblies are made with a special hemp fiber pulp, which is far superior to other natural fibers due to the excellent tensile strength of hemp.

Specially engineered 'HEMP-O' cones are manufactured from a select combination of specialty pulp products, including long fiber hemp, which provides a much tougher product in regards to durability and sonic superiority.

Hempopotamus Loudspeakers are not 'first-generation' hemp fiber cones, which had a tendency to sound thin, flat and would 'fart-out' under heavy bass passages or high-output applications. Rather, Hempopotamus Loudspeakers are made of a special, proprietary blend of long hemp fibers, special additives, binders and post-manufacturing treatments. This special blend and manufacturing technique allows Hempopotamus Loudspeakers to produce a thick, powerful, complex and meaty sound that many of our customers describe as being almost "3D" sound. Previous generation hemp coned loudspeakers don't even come close.

Small light and dark green leaf-like material, as well as small red and orange hair-like material give the 'HEMP-O' cones their proprietary 'Authentic Appearance' by making it seem that someone accidentally dropped some 'you know what' in the mix during manufacturing.

At PMR, we specialize in loudspeakers for guitar, bass and M.I. applications, but we also have products specifically designed for 'Hi-Fi' applications as well. If you are looking for the ultimate in warm, complex sound that makes a serious impact on the listener, then 'HEMP-O' cones and loudspeakers are for you.

We don't stop at just speakers and cones. We also offer a wide range of services including OEM repairs, vintage restorations, re-foaming, complete re-coning, custom modifications, custom cone fabrication and even custom builds from the ground up. We have a feed lathe on-site, so no job is too big or too small. If you have an 'Over-The-Top' vision, contact us, we may be able to help turn it into reality.

In addition to our proprietary loudspeakers and cones, we offer a variety of components such as spiders, surrounds, dust caps, cones and voice coils from many other famous manufacturers. Due to the large number of components we have available, they are not all currently listed on the site. If you are searching for a hard-to-find item, use the 'Contact' tab at the top of the page to request information.

As a final note, we want to point out that 'HEMP-O' cones and loudspeakers are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA. Our cones and loudspeakers are full of American Ingenuity, and it was put there by American Workers.